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In the years before the Civil War, when the city of Kalamazoo was little more than a border village, local fans "passion for baseball rarely wavered.

The Celery Pickers, led by Rube Vickers, joined Michigan's newly formed Central League, along with teams from Grand Rapids, Ludington and Muskegon. A year later, the Kalamazoo White Sox, a Southern Michigan League team, formed with six regional teams, including the Kalamazoos and White Sox. At that point, however, their team did not hold up as well and had to disband at the end of the season. The Southern Michigan League was reformed years later, but the team, now the Western Michigan Blue Jays, moved from Michigan to the Calumet Valley League (now Michigan State University) and then to the Eastern Conference (now Eastern Michigan University) and became the "Kalazoo Kodiaks," sealing baseball's long-awaited return to Michigan for the first time in more than a century.

After meeting with the best amateur clubs, the Bostons called the Kalamazoo team together for a game against the professionally styled Western Michigan Hilltoppers of the Central League and beat them 11-6. Although the Hill Toppers struggled to compete, Plainwell, a writer for the Kalamazoo Gazette, boasted that "we didn't have a chance in this game," and things didn't get much better the rest of their first season.

Kalamazoo faced a Grand Rapids team again a week later in Lake View, holding the visitors scoreless in front of a cheering home crowd. Much excitement remained for the 1896 Kalamazoo Zooloos, who celebrated a 2-1 victory over the Grand Valley State League team. A week after that game, the first of three games in a three-game series between the two teams in the Western Michigan League, Kalazoo fans enjoyed seeing the home team play on the proper local baseball field. The first game of the season kicks off on Saturday, April 8 at 7: 30 p.m. at Lakeview High School, where Grand Rapids Christian will face Romulus in an exhibition game.

Both teams meet at Lakeview High School at 7: 30 p.m., with the Zooloos playing in front of a large crowd. Stay tuned on Michigan Sports Radio and Twitter as the MSR team covers the state's semifinals and finals on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Other spectator events include football, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, tennis, golf and football. The sports of the colleges are also very important in the lives of the inhabitants of the region and include football, men's and women's hockey, athletics, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. From December to March, sledding, tubing and ice skating are offered, as well as a variety of other sports. Watch the video below on the Kalamazoo Ice Skating Club Facebook page and see what kind of sport has been brought to life from Scotland.

African-American, who was the first African-American to earn a bachelor of arts degree from Kalamazoo College, led the school's team from 1906.

The following spring, the Kalamazoo team joined the Michigan - Ontario League, where it remained until the 1924 season. After two years, they would join the college and hire a new coach, John Hartwell, a graduate of the University of Michigan College of Arts and Sciences, and join the college. The following year, he returned to Kalazoo and joined the school's football team, basketball team and baseball team. In 1924, with the help of former Michigan State University football coach William Hartwell Jr., he founded Calumet High School Athletic Club.

The 25 members of the Kalamazoo team, then known as the Champion Base Ball Club, held their game at Angell Field, the former home of Calumet High School Athletic Club. Today Angelli Field is surrounded by the recently modernized Kalazoo College Athletic Fields Complex. With catcher and team captain Johnny McCord still leading the team, they had southwest Michigan in their sights.

When Western Michigan University opened up the area, the land that currently housed Waldo Stadium and Hyames Field was a swampy pond fed by a creek where ice was cut and stored in the winter months. In return, Angell Field, which was then home to Kalamazoo College Football, was converted into the site of the new Kalazoo University Athletic Fields Complex. The sports fields on the campus were given to the city of Kalanzoo, part of which is now preserved as the former sports field of the Calumet High School Athletic Club.

Since then, Western has won four championships in the Big Ten Conference, two Big East Conference titles and five bowl games, including the 2017 Cotton Bowl. Not to mention that they were also mentioned in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game for three consecutive years.

When Western was founded, they developed a variety of sports and activities, including tennis and football. When the league's owners tried to revive the Michigan State League in 1895, the Kasoos got back into the action and fought their way back to the top of the league table, but nearly a decade passed before the school's first official football team was sanctioned. AD teams and high schools played football games occasionally in the years that followed, and Battle Creek Linear Park was a model of inner-city recreation that snaked 27 miles through the city, offering a wide range of outdoor activities for children, adults and families of all ages.

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